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Note marble crystal surface treatment of

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Marble crystal surface treatment considerations : a day to keep the dust regularly using a dust mop the stone surface clean. Do not operate with a black wax polishing pad . Do not use washing cleaning brush cleaning, but rather use the red, white scouring pad to clean, easy to wear greater hardness brush the ground, resulting in poor surface finish .

Marble crystal surface treatment :

1 ) Use tools: Multi stone refurbished machines, red scouring pad , water cleaner , white polishing pad and other auxiliary equipment.

2 ) Use Pharmacy: hard stone crystal stone agents and maintenance agents , neutral detergent.

3 ) specific steps : Multi Stone refurbished machine with red scouring pad, the stone crystal hardening agent sprinkle evenly with the same amount of water on the ground turn grinding , polishing brush should be laterally back and forth about 12-16 times. During operation the greater torque stone refurbished machine the better . Refurbished stone grinding mill to be good in the future , put a red scouring pad, spray a small amount of " stone maintenance agent" re- polishing , marble, crystal surface so you can increase the hardness and gloss. Marble stone crystal surface after a hard smooth crystal surface treatment agents such as new gloss can reach 80 degrees.

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