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How stone conservation agent is functioning

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Stone conservation agent is the most important role so that the stone has a waterproof, stain, acid, freeze-thaw resistance, anti-corrosion and other biological functions, thereby extending the life of the stone and raise the stone decorative effect. Broadly speaking, the purpose is to use the stone protector waterproof, stain resistant, protective stone.

Depending on the purpose of conservation, stone conservation agent is also divided into different categories. For example, there are sealed stone conservation agent, breathable stone conservation agent, solvent-based and other types of organic fluorine repellant. These types of action and principles stone protectants varies.

Sealed stone conservation agent in the formation of a protective film on the surface of the stone, making the water, oil, dust, etc. can not enter into the stone house. Typically, the organic solvent is a liquid or emulsion of the polymer resin material through the production method of this protectant. Sealed stone conservation agent antifouling performance is better able to withstand a certain pressure, with good conservation results. However, the permeability sealed stone curing agent is poor, is not conducive to evaporation of moisture inside the stone, persistence is not very long.

Breathable stone conservation agent in the pores of the stone surface protective film around the reticular formation and thus play a role. Advantages permeability stone conservation agent more, in the case of reducing the occurrence of stone disease, while not cause lesions inside the stone.

The biggest advantage of solvent-based stone conservation agent, anti-oil performance is very strong. When using such a curing agent, pay attention to the dryness of the stone surface, otherwise it will produce impermeability, this stone house is not conducive to the absorption solvent. Water pollution combined with conservation agents, anti-oil performance Stone will play the greatest degree of it.

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