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Analysis of the causes of pollution and prevention of stone walls

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Walking on the roads of the city, the towering stone walls on both sides of the building so that the taste of the city is much more high-end, its rich color to give the building a more fresh coat, however, affected by the urban air, many construction completion and acceptance did not in 2023, it is extremely old walls, stone walls and more troubled, it is pollution everywhere, if you can self-cleaning dust cleared the way, then the pollution is more of a deep "bone marrow "The damage, so stone walls seem grim and low, thus making the entire building does not look so beautiful.

2 stone formation pollution

Stone pollution generated not achieved overnight, but often in the design and construction phases have been doomed, unreasonable design, construction methods are barbaric polluting sources, the following is a summary of the pollution situation emerged in recent years, combined with After analyzing various aspects of the results of the causes.

2.1 Drainage wrong direction

In the same building as the others toward pollution is particularly serious, and some not so obvious, but the position of the pollution, the issue is worth pondering, in the same position of the material conditions of serious pollution must be no effective control over the direction of the drainage design, resulting in the formation of the inclined surface portion of the position of the water, and the location will be a reasonable part of the drainage

We found that the same same stone facade, the high position of the left side of the stone almost clean as new, and the stone beneath the right side of the railing pollution is more serious. We studied this node design of the project found that the high-profile position parapet inward parts of the top cover using a 3% drainage slope design, making the top of the water to the discharge, while the lower due to the set with a glass railing, therefore adopt out freedom of drainage patterns, as driven by the top part of fouling water flowing from the dust in the stone surface, forming a water mark. Causing serious pollution to the right than to the left of the stone phenomenon. This phenomenon can be defined as "water pollution", is part of the research on the stone walls of the contamination has been overlooked.

2.2 unreasonable drainage design

As a function of the presence of many of the buildings are often exposed pipes in the outer surface of the building, and some high-end villa in order to pursue its facade integrity, tend to drain set within stone walls, which of course be able to look considerably However, contrary to the principle of "form follows function", in the event the first time it is difficult to drain seepage investigation, and often have to wait until the water seeped into the stone panel found outside, see Figure 20 due to the drain concealed by design overhaul difficult to realize the need to disassemble the stone, the stone walls themselves are secondary damage, not to mention long after flushing sewage stone itself of its strength, appearance is seriously affected.

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