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Stone facades seepage and pollution common approach

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stone facades seepage and pollution treatment: Due to pivot ranked

building, relatively pollution is particularly serious. As the stone itself has pores and water absorption, air pollution, dust, acid gas plus air, steam locomotive exhaust, etc., over time attached to the surface of the stone, when it rains, acid rain pollution will accelerate the erosion of the stone and adsorbed within the pores of the stone, resulting in difficult to clean stains, especially for stone surface fire, the faster the speed of the formation of these contaminants, and not easy to clean, using only commercially available cleaners can not remove these contaminants; If the smooth stone, these shiny soon be eroded.
Therefore, to remove these contaminants, you can use the multi-purpose cleaners Stone Messiah, Messiah rust remover / macular scavengers are commonly used multi-purpose cleaners stone, stone kind of special cleaning agents can penetrate contamination within the pores completely removed and will not harm the stone. To prevent contamination of the stone once again, it can be cleaned in the Messiah stone, the stone surface in the case of drying, the work of a further protection treatment, which are commonly used in the permeability repellant multi stone Saiyan repellant, water-based waterproofing agent stone Messiah, Messiah solvent-based waterproofing agent, Isaiah Stone repellant polymer, which can penetrate several repellant stone house, forming a protective layer, a waterproof, stain resistant, rust spots, anti-oil, weathering, aging, acid, anti-stain caused by tea stains, cola, soy sauce and other effects, and can effectively control the Bai Hua generation, without compromising the original permeability of stone, usually cleaning working effect can be achieved simply wiping with water, without the use of other cleaning agents. Protective treatment beforehand
facades pollution:
Generally, stone facades are quite highly, once again causing pollution to clean construction is extremely inconvenient. If you can do beforehand protective treatment, then there is no problem after the completion of the pollution on the daily cleaning work just wipe with water, and lower protective treatment pre-construction costs, construction easier, more economical stone Protectant This revolutionary breakthrough protective treatment improves the previous time-consuming problems, has been widely used in stone works.
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