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2014 Second Central International Stone Fair

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[Industry background]

With the development of China's urbanization process, the increasing demand of stone products market; implementation of the national central strategy, sales pattern central stone industry has undergone tremendous changes, will be the first relying on market advantage, locational advantages, resources, to achieve industrial upgrading and industrial transfer; stone industry is facing a new round of good opportunities! In view of this, by the China Stone Association, China International Trade Promotion Committee Wuhan Branch, Hubei Stone Industry Association and other related departments to support hosted the second session of China (Central) International Stone and Technology Exhibition, September 2014 Autumn was held in Wuhan International Expo Center (Hanyang New Hall), is designed for the global stone business users and buyers to build a display, communication, cooperation and development platform to expand the vast central China market, the promotion of domestic and international high-quality stone and new processing technical equipment, to promote the prosperity and development of China's economic construction! Theme: Stone --- make the environment a better place!

[Show] features and highlights

Central business presentation, the rise of the stone industry - Hubei by the state as a "central city", broke out in unprecedented opportunities! Urban construction of unprecedented, real estate, transportation, tourism is developing rapidly; quality stone, landscape stone, architectural decoration market surge in demand! Hubei is one of the major stone production and processing base, with the mountains of Hubei marble, granite Dabie Macheng multiple industries, Suizhou Dahongshan stone, diamond tools, Ezhou clusters continue to extend the industrial chain, deep-water port is enabled and central WIT industrial park to be built of stone, indicating that the central stone industry is on the rise!

«Chinese urban centers, industrial radiation strong - Wuhan, a central region of large urban centers, the central transportation hub, known as" the nine provinces, "said the location was" in the "independence thick, ranking China's four-hour economic circle center and Wuhan." 1 +8 "metropolitan core; has developed road, rail, air, the Yangtze River shipping three-dimensional traffic system is the sale and transport of stone distribution center, strong market radiation!

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