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Boards installed stone curtain what conditions need to meet

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Stone wall installation layout is a critical step in the project stone walls, stone curtain wall installation quality is good or bad block surface determines the quality of the entire project. Therefore, the installation of stone walls forum must be strictly regulated, of course, ready to work before the full installation should be put in place to ensure that after the installation of stone walls forum can be safe and effective. Following small to share with you about the stone walls engineering forum which must have the condition.

First, the stone walls of the skeleton project must have been completed and by hiding acceptance, including embedded parts, pieces and buried skeleton rear node, lightning protection systems, insulation installation. Its quality should meet the relevant national standards and design requirements.

Second, on-site construction environment forum installation should comply with national regulatory requirements, including scaffolding, hanging blue construction equipment, vertical transportation machinery, facilities and safety management system, according to the requirements with the appropriate professionals, part-time security officer.

Third, the technical expertise to complete the installation of stone plates operator tests, security tests,. Finally, the operator should be equipped with special tools, including power tools, good performance, and other aids should meet operational requirements. Construction of temporary power should be standardized to meet the requirements. First calculate the depth, thickness and other stone plates at the pin hole geometry and vice versa is not satisfied based on the geometric parameters of depth, the thickness of the stone plate dowel holes and the like.

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