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Stone industry are suitable for e-commerce?

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In recent years, I am afraid we most discussed topic of e-commerce, e-commerce, but the stone industry is not optimistic. Under the surging tide of the entire electricity providers, electricity suppliers stone industry still standing outside the door to see the ebb and flow. Stone industry of e-commerce is facing difficulties, the main reasons the following aspects:

Stone industry are suitable for e-commerce?
Logistics bottlenecks Limitations
stone lies mainly online shopping too bulky stone products, product easily broken, can not take delivery channels, only the distribution by LTL logistics, transportation and placement of stone products inappropriate easily damaged, can only take box checked way increase, resulting in logistics costs. Shipping costs if shipped through logistics channels, 100 square meters of commercial housing renovation needed for the use of stone as well as a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars, the high cost of logistics stone products largely offset channels in the price of electricity supplier advantage. Meanwhile, through logistics delivery, generally also require the buyer to delivery to the warehouse, few provide home delivery services, even if there is also home delivery service charge. Stone bottleneck in terms of logistics and distribution, is one of the important reasons for the stone industry of the electricity supplier is difficult.
Service is difficult to solve
Stone semi-finished products as home improvement process, and that can not be given directly to the full use of effects such as mobile phones, home appliances, furniture, also need to consider the color, construction paving and other issues, these two issues not yet any Stone shop can provide a complete solution. First, the color problem. Internet to see color, texture with the actual products will be slightly different; Second paving construction problems. Construction workers is critical, the loss caused by the different. From the merchant ship to paving the renovation work at least half the time in the middle, in the event of replenishment of consumers, and businesses temporarily out of stock, or a product with color, logistics is not timely, the consumer or a bad review Complaints will make businesses very passive, businesses have no credit, it is very difficult to sustain long-term operations.
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