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Stone conservation will affect the development of stone industry of road

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Corrosion of symptoms stone stone conservation determines the inevitable. Stone has a complex, sophisticated microscopic and chemical structure, the main component of marble carbonates such as calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, they encounter acidic or sulfur dioxide, under the action of water soluble ions can easily become , and corrosion damage. Granite, sandstone, although the main component of Portland high stability but they are many and the surface of pores present inside these pores stains, water, gas enters the channel inside the stone. Therefore, water, salt, air, acid rain, biological, industrial smoke, garbage endures in the role of environmental factors, by destroying the mechanism physics, chemistry, biology, etc., making the material appear as Bai Hua, wet marks quit, vomiting yellow , weathering, cracking, fading, man-made pollution (oil, cement mortar, pigments) and other kinds of destruction and "illness", the literature has elaborated the specific causes of these phenomena, and in this is not repeated here. But it is worth noting that in recent years, air quality in many areas of our country even national levels are not up to standards, environmental pollution and damage to the stone increasingly intensified, which should attract more attention parties.

Stone conservation is also an important measure to improve the quality and grade of stone. 2000 China's stone production over 6,000,000 m, to become the world stone production superpower, but China is still inferior to the Italian stone exports, exports to the original stone and board and other primary processing of wool products, the total amount of 1 = 1 40% or more. Italy and China is just the opposite, with stone finishing products mainly their fine stone, almost finished already made well before the top nursing. Obviously, our chemistry behind stone processing technology resulting in product quality, low value-added, is an important bottleneck restricting the development of China's stone industry. Chinese stone production process closer to the international will be an inevitable, China is expected to challenge in the WTO to join this year, this is a rare opportunity for the Chinese stone enterprises and more is a huge. Therefore, China should grow stronger stone, stone care and chemical pre-processing techniques must be first. European and American countries stone conservation started earlier, a strong stone conservation concepts, advanced consciousness, related technology and equipment, and stability. In contrast, our country, and they still exist a gap, should at least be improved from the following points.

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